10 ton Tower crane - SAEZ

Factory new

The most reliable crane, advanced technology, very convenient maintenance and low costs

Straight from the factory

10 ton tower crane

A strong and powerful crane, very suitable for the new construction technologies in general and the Baranovich method in particular

An obvious choice

Quality, reliability and high safety alongside low maintenance cost and an attractive price!!

Advantages of the crane

  • High reliability
  • Simple maintenance at low cost
  • Convenient operation: Spacious and comfortable panoramic cabins with a wide field of view. The cab is based on manual operation – a reliable, efficient and easy to use joyystick system.
  • Inverter motors – Operated by a frequency change system – achieves complete control of engine speed accurately and accelerates and softens and controls. All of these contribute to increasing the life span of the engines.
  • Fast and simple assembly and disassembly process
  • High safety level
  • Attractive price

Tech specs

Model TLS65B 10T

Year of manufacture


Jib length




Maximum load

10 ton

Tip load

1.85 ton

Foundation anchor


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