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We specialize in providing a suite of services that meets the client’s needs under one roof, in a wide range of areas, from the moment of understanding the customer’s needs and analysis to providing the best and most creative solution in the field.

Knowledge and Experience

We are a professional knowledge center on a wide range of turret cranes. The professionalism is based on extensive knowledge accumulated over the years, accompanied by extensive experience in various types of cranes, lifting installations and peripheral equipment.

Personal Approach

Our relationship with customers is based on personal care and mutual responsibility. We maintain close communication with customers over the years, are very involved in their needs and constraints and are managed in a family atmosphere.

Transparency and reliability

We believe in success that is first and foremost justified and justified. Working with customers is characterized by a way of sharing thinking, analyzing and implementing the most appropriate solution for the client.

Service approach

We are working to the best of our ability to provide appropriate service based on achieving optimal availability for the customer, while ensuring high level of safety and performance.

Our expertise, your peace of mind...!

There is no substitute for experience and knowledge of many years… Let us leverage you up!

Business Profile

Zarfaty Cranes

“Zarfaty Cranes”, the place where professional expertise and many years of experience meet and combined. We specialize in the importation of new and used Tower cranes from the best available companies and models, as well as boasting vast experience and extensive professional knowledge in Tower cranes maintenance for the last 40 years.

“Zarfaty Cranes” was established by Shimon Zarfaty as a family business in 1980. Shimon is a professional authority in the field of Tower cranes amongst the professional authorities and the leading construction companies in Israel.

During the 20 years prior to the establishment of Zarfaty Cranes as an independent company, Shimon has led the entire Tower Cranes fleet and all the lifting equipment of the contracting company, formerly known as “Bernovitz”, while collaborating closely with “Comsco” company. During this collaboration, “Bernovitz” has imported to Israel the Potain Cranes, the firsts of the “Topkit” type, from France.”

As part of the process, Shimon acquired and improved his professional knowledge through the many advanced training courses he underwent at the potain crane company, which is known to be one of the world’s leaders in tower cranes.

As a result, the professional knowledge that has been built and implemented over the years in Zarfaty cranes, in terms of tower cranes and lifting equipment, is multi-systemic, thorough and unique.

Shimon Zarfati is certified by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor (the Safety Director) as “a professional skilled in the field of tower cranes” as required by a procedure for inspection of tower cranes intended for import from May 16, 2010. A skilled tradesman in the field of tower cranes may perform a preliminary inspection of a tower crane intended for import corresponding with the above procedure.

Beyond the extensive professional knowledge accumulated in our business, over the years we have created a unique working style with our customers. We are characterized by a very close personal relationship with the clients, a familial relationship, one based on trust, transparency, consideration, caring and above all mutual responsibility. All of these constitute the heart of our business and the indicator in all our actions. We nurture and maintain our customer relationships over time.

In addition, over the years we have worked to maintain and develop close working relationships with professional colleagues in Israel as well as established extensive working relationships with suppliers in the tower cranes field from the world’s leading companies.


We operate in the field of Tower Cranes and lifting equipment throughout the country among our customers and provide the following services:

  • Maintenance: assembly, dismantling, repair, preventive treatment, renovation, preparation for Ministry of Labor testing.
  • Sales: Tower cranes and elevators (from Israel and abroad), accompanying lifting equipment
  • Renting: Renting cranes for construction projects
  • Consulting: Providing professional advice to customers regarding the location of a crane and its anchoring on the construction site
  • Spare parts supply: Supply of new and refurbished spare parts for tower cranes and lifting equipment of all types
  • Professional accompaniment: Our clients receive personal and professional guidance throughout the project

We are meticulous in providing service in accordance with the safety rules for work at heights, while striving to achieve maximum availability and reliability for the products and equipments we maintain.


Establishment of Zarfaty Cranes as an independent business

Leading the entire technical unit of the Baranovich construction company (a fleet of tower cranes, lifting equipment, tractors, generators, etc)

Responsibility for lifting equipment and tower cranes of the construction company “Odin Nir”

Among our customers

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