Sale of new and used cranes

You can purchase new tower cranes of different sizes and models, as well as second-hand cranes that underwent renovation and renovation

Looking for a used crane?

We specialize in locating used tower cranes in Israel and abroad according to customer needs.

 Our expertise, your peace of mind …!

We are approved by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor (the Safety Director) as “skilled professionals in the field of tower cranes” as required by the tower Crane Inspection Procedure, which are intended for import from May 16, 2010.

A professional skilled in the field of tower cranes may perform a preliminary inspection of a tower crane intended for import according to the above procedure.

Crane Import

  • Locating a used / new crane according to customer needs
    Inspection of the integrity and integrity of the crane abroad by authorized bodies – our close supervision (relevant to second hand cranes)
  • Repair of defects and renewal of the crane (relevant to second-hand cranes)
  • Closing the final deal with the supplier
  • Arranging the approval of the crane’s import into Israel with the Standards Institute, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor and the Ministry of Transport
  • Leading the end-to-end import process to Ashdod port
  • Handling customs clearance of the crane
  • Transporting the crane to the construction site



Our services

Assembly and dismantling services for tower cranes for all models and sizes

Inspection of used tower cranes before purchase in Israel and abroad

Fitting a crane to a customer and recommendation on the location of the crane and the manner of its construction at the construction site

Repair of mechanical and electrical failures

Checking the crane, correcting defects, making directions, summoning a qualified examiner from the Ministry of Labor and leading the examination until the end

Supply of new and used mechanical and electrical spare parts. Repair of electric motors

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Our expertise, your peace of mind...!

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