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Service for us is a value and not a slogan …!

We strive to provide service based on the quality of execution, while adhering to the safety rules and aiming to achieve maximum availability and reliability of the tools maintained by us.

Assembly and Dismantling

We have been assembling and dismantling tower cranes for about 40 years. Our crews are very trained and trained to work at high levels while strictly observing safety rules. Before performing the work, we usually conduct a preliminary tour in cooperation with the manager and the site engineer for a preliminary examination.


We are experienced in all types of crane repairs: electric, electronic and mechanical. The service is provided all over the country and all types of cranes both old and new. We work in close cooperation with the best professionals from Israel’s leading workshops in the field of electric motors, mechanical and electrical treatments for engines, repair, renovation and renovation of electrical cabinets and more.

Pre-sale testing

Testing before buying a crane is very important and necessary, especially in light of the fact that cranes are operating in the Israeli market from old years (some of them even from the 1980s). We provide a pre-purchase crane inspection service in Israel or abroad. We are authorized by the Ministry of Labor to carry out the inspection abroad before importing the crane and we also provide this service in Israel to customers who are interested in purchasing used cranes. We have a great deal of knowledge with used cranes, along with an in-depth knowledge of the new models in the market. Our examination and guidance provide the potential for considerable financial savings.

Preparation for Inspection

We provide a preparation service for the Ministry of Labor examination for turret cranes. As is known, tests for cranes are carried out once every six months and after the construction of a crane. We perform a testing process that determines the mechanical and electrical condition of the crane for proper and safe operation. We will handle the repair of the defects if they are found, coordinate the arrival of the authorized examiner to the site and conduct the crane inspection process until approval is given by the authorized examiner to operate the crane to work at the construction site.

Spare parts

We provide new mechanical, electrical and electronic spare parts aa well as refurbished parts for all types of cranes.

We can expedite the importation of genuine spare parts from abroad according to the customer’s needs.


We provide consulting services regarding the optimal location of a crane at the construction site and its foundation. This advice is given in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the installed crane model and its data. This process is carried out in close cooperation with the building engineer of the site, which will lead in practice to the realization of the foundation of the crane before its construction.

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