Spare parts

We provide new mechanical, electrical and electronic spare parts aa well as refurbished parts for all types of cranes.

We can expedite the importation of genuine spare parts from abroad according to the customer’s needs.

A huge selection of spare parts

New and refurbished original parts, in our warehouse or by special order

New and refurbished motors


Brake systems


Electronic and electrical items


Mechanical items and accessories


Logistic One-Stop-Shop

We specialize in providing a suite of services that meets the client’s needs under one roof, in a wide range of areas, from the moment of understanding the customer’s needs and analysis to providing the best and most creative solution in the field.

Knowledge and Experience

We are a professional knowledge center on a wide range of turret cranes. The professionalism is based on extensive knowledge accumulated over the years, accompanied by extensive experience in various types of cranes, lifting installations and peripheral equipment.

Personal Approach

Our relationship with customers is based on personal care and mutual responsibility. We maintain close communication with customers over the years, are very involved in their needs and constraints and are managed in a family atmosphere.

Transparency and reliability

We believe in success that is first and foremost justified and justified. Working with customers is characterized by a way of sharing thinking, analyzing and implementing the most appropriate solution for the client.

Service approach

We are working to the best of our ability to provide appropriate service based on achieving optimal availability for the customer, while ensuring high level of safety and performance.

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